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Our Robust Cider

Is deliciously tart and infused with specialty ingredients.  We use high quality Wisconsin apples in every batch! The blend of apple changes throughout the season. Some varieties we use include McIntosh, Cortland, Haralson, Jonamac, Greening, Granny Smith, and more! 

Our english style "base" hard cider is fermented slowly to develop a rich flavor. The dry cider will then rest to allow the tannins to mature. Once ready, we add our specialty ingredients along with Wisconsin honey or cane sugar to lightly sweeten.  

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Hibiscus Juniper Bottle.jpg

Lemongrass Lavender

Dry cider inspired by the Lavender Lemonade at Madison Sourdough. The lemongrass enhances the natural flavor of the cider by adding a bright citrus character, while the lavender provides a beautiful aroma. Sweetened with local Wisconsin honey.

Rose Hip Rosemary

This off dry cider has an elevated sharp apple flavor profile from the rose hips which is balanced by the earthy aroma of rosemary.

Hibiscus Juniper

A refreshing drink that blurs the line between craft cider and high-end cocktail. The hibiscus flower lends a fruity quality and a reddish pink hue. Juniper berries are muddled to release a piney flavor and a green-fresh finish.

Chocolate Hazelnut Hard Cider Pic Final.
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Chocolate Hazelnut

10 day infusion of Ghana 75% dark chocolate crafted by Wm. Chocolate in Madison, Wi. The single origin smooth, full bodied chocolate has moderate sweetness and a little bitterness.

Once the rich chocolate flavor is achieved we add a little hazelnut syrup and a touch of golden honey from Gentle Breeze in Mt. Horeb, Wi.

Rum Barrel Aged Hibiscus Juniper

This cider contains a delicious blend of vinous McIntosh and Cortland apples grown in Gays Mills, Wi.

We aged this cider for 10 months in a hand selected light rum barrel from a local favorite, the Old Sugar Distillery.

The pink hibiscus flower accentuates the tart apples, while the juniper, oak, and golden rum round out the finish.

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